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IT Infrastructure Health Check

A health check shouldn’t just be a response to a crisis. It can be a good way of baselining performance, and finding small issues that may become larger problems if not addressed. It can also help in looking ahead for a future capacity planning. An external point of view can point out a different approach or identify an opportunity to introduce a new technology or alternative solution. Whether it’s to solve a problem or plan for the future, an infrastructure health check gives organizations the expert help they need to improve performance and ensure their infrastructure works efficiently both today and tomorrow.


TOPTECH Technical Services (TTS)

IT Infrastructure health-check run by skilled, highly experienced & certified consultants utilizing a number of different tools. TTS follows a proven process that has been tried and tested on the most demanding enterprise customers. Each of TTS consultants combine years of experience with the breadth of knowledge necessary to understand and anticipate interdependencies within your infrastructure. TTS has strong and long-standing relationships with the key hardware and software vendors, backed-up by relevant technical accreditations.


TTS IT Infrastructure Health Check Covers

• Checking the power redundancy of all equipment.
• Checking cabling and labeling of all of customer equipment.
• Checking the Firmware compatibility and defining the need for upgrade if mandatory.
• Checking light path diagnostics and alarm LEDs.
• Checking the network redundancy to avail the high availability and business continuity.
• Checking the dual fabric configuration to be as per the vendor best practices.
• Checking the Storage Configuration to be as per the vendor best practices.
• Collecting and analyzing logs addressing the problems along with required actions.
• Checking the Virtualized environment performance, scalability and architecture.

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